Jules Underwater Lodge in Key Largo

The only way to reach the entrance of this two bedroom hotel is to dive down twenty one feet. For non-certified divers, you’ll go through a three hour crash course before you can turn in for the night. Originally a marine laboratory, The Undersea Lodge has been taking in guests since 1986. If you’ve ever wanted a shot at beating Domino’s delivery promise of under thirty minutes or it’s free, this might be the place to order from. Actually, delivery service is available at the Jules and you can, in fact, order a pizza.

A unique and understandably pricey hotel that sleeps up to six people 30ft underwater. Surprisingly, it has mod cons such as air-conditioning and WiFi, and other bonuses include unlimited diving. You’ll need to scuba dive your way to the hotel’s entrance, of course; if you’re not already certified, the hotel offers a three-hour course for $95.

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