Lovers Deep: A Romantic Sojourn In The Bottom Of The Sea

Billed as the premier entry into the mile low club, Lovers Deep is the luxury leisure submarine for lovers who like it deep. No one’s trying to hide anything here. At $150,000 per night, this is one of the most expensive places you can go for a shag. But if you’re out to impress, it definitely one-ups a rose snagged off the deli on the way home from work. Also, it’s unlikely anyone is going to barge in on you uninvited. Unless by chance it’s the Captain’s cheese doodle you happen to be snacking on. Actually, he’ll be occupied at the other end of the vessel sharing sound-proofed quarters with the butler and chef, or steering the sub of seduction to your destination of choice – stunning coral off St. Lucia, or a sunken battleship in the Red Sea. Featuring a two-person shower and specialist aphrodisiac menu, there’s no room for doubt as to what you’re supposed to be doing here.

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